Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Tars for Free Arts

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Seasons Greetings, girls and boys
Les Coquettes are back and making sweet noise.
Celebrate the holidays and meet a dear new coquette
You'll fall madly in love with her, this you can bet!
Hailing from Italy, is the charming fair Cici
A most-welcome addition to Les Coquettes' amici.

And in the name of art and true spirit of giving,
We're saving arts programs with a part of our living.
Les Coquettes are giving to the Free Arts Foundation
Because Art is essential to the culture of this nation.
A portion of the proceeds will go to said charity
So that arts programs for kids don't become a rarity.


Happy Holidays
Les Coquettes
introducing Cici
and special guests:
Jason Jinx
and surprise, secret art-fest guests
147 1/2 Mercer
(btw Prince & Houston, @ the Mercer Hotel)
17 December 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

this is belated, but we forgot to post the invite here for our last fete for Halloween.

Dear sweet lovers and fair, gentle friends,

It is time for us to reconvene once again.
Merci beaucoup for celebrating Lala's birthday last week.
We needed six days to recover and catch up on our sleep!
So now that we're rested and ready to go,
We're putting on a special pre-Halloween show.
Thursday night will be a Night of Mischief
Wear a costume, be naughty and slightly corruptive!

Kiki & Lala

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lala's Birthday Bash

Once upon a time,
Gotham was gritty yet glamourous;
The town was painted blood red,
And its night owls were fabulous.

The scene was disco and punk,
During those decadent years.
Everyone felt sexy and drunk --
T'was the seventies, my dears.

Debbie Harry enthralled and sang of Rapture
And legend recounts what the lens couldn't capture.
Bianca wed Mick who then seduced Jerry,
So shortly thereafter, she left Bryan Ferry.

Grace Jones and Warhol were permanent fixtures
In nightclubs where they soaked up the fame from their pictures.
They say Halston and Liza and Truman Capote
Did A-Z drugs, like Valium and peyote.

In the midst of all that debaucherous hoopla
Was born a coquette to whom they cooed "Ooh Lala..."
It was October '77, and downtown was on fire,
And she felt the world burn with great lust and desire.

This Friday, in celebration of that fiery date,
Les Coquettes will recapture, relive and recreate.
(And by all means, if you'd like, feel free to procreate!)

In keeping with the theme, be mindful of what you wear
The objective is to make others stop and stare!


Lala's Birthday by Les Coquettes

special performances by:

The Jigalaz

Duane Harriott

Jason Jinx

KiD Laptop


Riv. 105

105 Rivington (Essex/Ludlow)


24 October 2008


*if you just say please, there may be another strip tease..."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Recovery

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Saturday night was just "beyond," so to speak,
And now we expect to be in repose all week.

Les Coquettes are still -- how you say -- "floored"
From the most-memorable night full of those they adore.

Merci beaucoup...it's all thanks to you!

Kiki & Lala

flyer design by: Gabby Mejia & Carl Mok (www.mokme.com)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ooooh, J'Adore les cartes postales!

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Look what a fabulous little reminder we got in the mail today! And guess what the leer jet stork is bringing us tomorrow, straight from Villefranche sur Mer... a stylish amant who's so debonair!

See you tomorrow, lovies...

kiks & las

Thursday, September 25, 2008

J'Adore Joey de Vivre

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Hello, little kittens...it's time to be smitten!

Now from Tinseltown to Londontown,
We'd been trying to pin ze legendary Joey down.
In Monaco and Morocco, we heard he'd surely be found,
Only to discover he was nowhere around.

But just as we were about to give in to despair,
He appeared out of nowhere for tea at the Pierre!
He was going to Turks & Cacos the next day,
But with our coquettish charms we convinced him to stay.

So at the eleventh hour this Saturday night,
Joey Jalleo will thrill and delight.
At the SubMercer Bar he'll be flitting about
With Kiki & Lala till they kick us all out!

Come experience the much sought-after Joey de Vivre
And see for yourself why it's the stuff of livres.

l'amour eternel...

Kiki & Lala

Les Coquettes
with Special Guest: Joey Jalleo
1471/2 Mercer
(btw Houston and Prince, beneath the Mercer Hotel)
27 September 2008

*JUST ONE FRICKIN DAY : Joey, along with model Elettra Wiedemann and the Solar Electric Light Fund, are at the helm of this noble and newsworthy charity , which seeks to build the first solar powered hospital in Kigitu, Burundi -- ranked as the poorest nation in the world by the World Bank. They've teamed up with powerhouse fashion designers Phillip Lim, Chris Benz, Rogan, Rag & Bone, House of Diehl and Giambattista Valli to create limited edition tees to support the cause. Please take a moment to review the site, where you can purchase the tees or donate if you'd like. There will also be a donation box for JOFD at the Les Coquettes party -- donate if you can, otherwise, just come and have a good time! Thank you! (if you can't click on the link, go to: www.justonefrickinday.com )

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fashion Schmashion

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Cutie-patooties, with your bite-able booties,

T'is sad that the summer is done,
We'll miss all the skin
(And its accompanying sin)
But the Autumn fun's just begun.

Tomorrow night, at our den on Rivington
We'll cozy up as if it's our living room.
And for the coronation
Of fashion week's autumnal celebration,
We'll be wearing the emperor's new clothes...
Hmm...well, we're sure you know about those.

Now open the flyer
It absolutely ON FIRE!

Kiki & Lala

Les Coquettes
Riv. 105
(105 Rivington at Essex...entrance to the right of the hotel's main doors)
4 September 2008